Irish Cycle Facility of the Week

July 28, 2014:


“…take your bicycle for a free ride on the Portrush Rd big dipper cycle path”

Image @nigreenways

Send suggestions to And make sure to view the original and UK-focused facility of the month page on Warrington Cycle Campaign’s website.

I am editor of and have reported on and commented on cycling in Ireland for over a decade.


  1. Don’t forget your sea sick tablets.

  2. They’re entrances into people’s property’s ..what do you cyclists want CBC to do?? Build them up for you to give you all a smooth ride???

  3. @ Jackie:

    I’m unsure if you’re for real or not?!

    There’s a number of design solutions which could be put in place to accommodate all users without the roller-coaster effect for people cycling and walking.

  4. @Jackie. No Jackie, you just need to lower them. Then everyone is happy. They did this in Churchtown.

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