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September 1, 2014:


Picture this: You’re using the old road to cycle out of Sligo town to avoid the parallel new N4 route which has faster and more motor traffic. Then — as you’re cycling straight on — you’re diverted into the four-lane roundabout exit at the Carraroe Retail Park: The right-angle turn onto the crossing point means that you are made come to a full stop, and you’re left to cross the four lanes with a central-island which does not look wide enough for a singe bicycle.

Roundabout designed for speed for motor traffic. No raised crossing. Not even crossing markings across the roadway or warning signs for motorists.

Just beyond the retail park, there’s a ton of houses within a 4km distance from the centre of the town. An easy cycling distance, made uneasy and inconvenient by bad design.

Location: Carraroe Retail Park, Sligo
Local body/authority: Sligo Borough Council / Sligo County Council
Street View: Currently shows same design before red colouring added

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Cian Ginty
I am editor of and have reported on and commented on cycling in Ireland for over a decade. My background is in journalism -- I have a BA in Journalism from DCU and HDip in Print Journalism from BCFE. I wrote about cycling for national newspapers, and then started for overflow stories. Later the website was re-branded to reflect a more national focus.
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  1. Could we start naming (and shaming) the designers of these schemes?
    Who undertook the road safety audit process and could we see the sign-off?
    Did Sligo CoCo post the road safety audit on its web-site?
    [More importantly did the auditor cycle the scheme under a variety of traffic conditions?]
    Local Councillors – this is done in your name. Do you understand this?

  2. Execellent point and very well made.But as we all know, they were paid their BIG sallaries so why should they care.

  3. I think that’s a great idea. Road Designer Idiot of the Year Award. the only problem is that there is likely to be a lot of candidates and only one award. As for not caring, well I thing some of these guys with big earnings tend to have fragile egos, so it’s worth a pop.

  4. Cian, me again, if IRELAND,decided to use bikes as a means of transport, how would they tax it. Because they will find a way.

  5. Hi Cian, I may be a little naive but what about VAT, its included in the cost of your bike and all your accessories?

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