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Footage surfaces of third incident of taxi driver driving at cyclist

Gardai said that they have no record of an incident recorded on dash cams where a Dublin taxi driver chases a cyclist, with both parties running a red light, going to the wrong side of the road and driving on a footpath.

The footage was posted on Streamable and posted on Reddit and recorded on a dash cam of another car. Here’s the video link.

It’s unclear when the footage was taken but it is the third such video to surface in recent weeks. The previous videos are embedded below with permission.

It starts with the dash cam car stopped at a red light at Belvidere Place about to cross the North Circular Road into Belvidere Road going towards Dorset Street / the Drumcondra Road.

The video starts with the bicycle and taxi first out of sight but both quickly overtaking the dash cam car on the left and running the red light.

As the light goes green the dash cam car travels in the same direction as the taxi driver and cyclist — the camera picks up the taxi trying to go into the cycle lane and the cyclist trying to get away from the taxi driver.

The cyclist goes to the wrong side of the road and the taxi driver follows them to the wrong side of the road at the junction where the Belvidere Road meets Dorset Street.

The taxi is blocked by a car going in the correct direction and the taxi driver drives at least partly onto the footpath.

The Garda press office said: “We have no such incidents reported or recorded matching your description,”

Here are still images from the latest incident to surface as posted on Streamable:

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Cian Ginty


  1. I didn’t realise this was the third incident like this. Why are the Gardaí only investigating one of the two other videos?

  2. I see more and more taxi drivers who want to teach other road users a lesson. Not only cyclists as I have an few occurrences as well when I was on my motorbike. They do not seem to be able to handle other modes of transport being quicker and more agile than them.

    This particular one is shocking as he really behaves as a Gardai car trying to drive another of user off the road as if they are a common criminal.

    I am afraid we will have a fatality soon rather then later as this seems to be becoming a regular occurrence now.

  3. I have been hit twice in recent times by Taxi’s coming into a cycle lane at the side of a bus lane. The Gardai were called to one incident and weren’t really all that interested. They suggested that it was “6 of 1 & half a dozen of the other sort of situation” and we should shake hands and get on with it. So I am not really shocked to see such outrageous behaviour by a “Professional Driver”.
    Unless there is some enforcement on the roads the situation is only going to get worse. The Gardai are unlikely to follow up on such a “trivial” incident as it requires a sworn affidavit from the victim and could involve time in court. Sometimes it involves court time at the Gardai’s own expense.

  4. @dids On morning Ireland this morning (during the newspaper review) they said one of the papers had talked to the taxi driver who had said that the cyclist had knocked of his wing mirror. I’m not sure which paper and can’t see it online.

  5. @dids
    Ah well, in that case, the drivers actions were perfectly justified. God knows the scourge of cyclists accidentally clipping wing mirrors despite being given several inches of space to get by is far worse than driving like a dangerous maniac just to make a self righteous point.
    FFS, that fool should lose his license.

  6. Remember earlier this year there was yet another case on this excellent website where a cyclist went over a bonnet and another pulled-up just in time after him; when a car driver made a left turn from the outside lane and around another car? That’s just four caught on camera and evidenced beyond dispute on this website only; But it ‘almost’ happens every time I ride out or actually does happen to me approx once per week at least. The dubious “I am also a cyclist” types ( who I do not believe-or they go out to a controlled cycle path once per week perhaps) who were attempting to justify the forth case that I have just mentioned and writing their stupid patronizing crap such as ” itc reminds us all to be careful” should go into the chemist’s shop and buy a large bottle of cop-on medicine. Its like hunting season against cyclists and the Gardai just keep telling me (and others I know) ” look we’l let this one go its too much paperwork but if it happens again we’l definitely do something. But when it inevitably does happen again- what do the Guards say again? ” Look if it happens again…..etc etc etc. And the depressing reality BTW is that we are not waiting for someone to get killed-many cyclists have already been killed (and even a jogger in very recent times. A sincere RIP to all of those innocent victims. Thank you for highlighting this real danger.

  7. I think Paul has a good point. I know from experience that the guards don’t give a damn unless you had to be taken away in an ambulance let alone not actually hit just threatened. So we have a series of “sure, no harm done” followed by “it was a tragic accident that could happen to anyone”.

    It must be a bit embarrassing for the guards and the professional drivers representatives to be faced with videos like this where they can’t just claim it never happened and have to come up with these weak excuses.

    We get told that these drivers are professionals, high qualified and stringently licenced every time someone complains about them. Implying normal road using peons aren’t qualified to judge their actions. Videos like this prove that all the licencses and qualifications mean nothing when a dangerous psychopath like this can presumably pass them all, and then continue driving afterwards.

    How long until we’re told that dash cams should be illegal because it creates a hostile working environment for those poor hard working professionals who would only ever snap and try to kill someone if they had some justification.


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