APRIL 1: Liffey Cable Car to replace quays cycle route plan

— Each cable car to have trailer unit for bicycles.

Officials at the National Transport Authority are to revive the Liffey Cable Car or “Suas” project instead of building the Liffey Cycle Route.

The cantilevered cable car system will link Heuston Station to the Docklands over and along the River Liffey.

An Bord Pleanála previously rejected the cable car idea, but the view is that things have changed after the planning board’s 1970-car-centric decision rejecting the College Green Plaza based largely on distribution to car traffic.

The thinking is that An Bord Pleanála will support the cable car because it doesn’t affect car traffic like the cycle route would.

However, Transport Infrastructure Ireland source said the cable car project might itself — like the Liffey Cycle Route — be delayed by 7 years or more. Transport planners want to see if they can revive the 1970s plan for city centre motorways.

In other news, BusConnects will be cancelled and replaced with underground train routes to even the lowest density areas in Dublin. There will be first class carriages reserved for south Dublin residents.

One local councillor said: “The National Socialist branch of the cycling lobby might not like this but the Western Tangent Ring Road will be far better for Dublin than the Liffey Cycle Route ever would have been.”

He added: “People keep telling me there’s mandatory cycling for all in a place call the Neverlands but I couldn’t find the place on a map — it sounds made up. Everybody knows cars are the future of cities.”

The Western Tangent Ring Road is to be made cycling friendly BusConnects-style, with 1.5 metre cycle lanes, like those planned for Rathmines.

An artist’s impression of the Western Tangent Ring Road:

A ring road filling in the Grand Canal is also planned — reviving plans from 1965:


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