Vote approving 30km/h limit across Limerick City Centre welcomed

Councillors on Limerick City and County Council have voted to introduce one of the most comprehensive 30km/h zones in an Irish city centre.

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The move is to be followed up with of number of junction redesigns which will see the installation of traffic calming such as buildout and corner tightening in line with the lower limit.

Madeleine Lyes, chair of the Limerick Pedestrian Network, welcomed the move by councillors to introduce 30km/h across the city centre.

She said: “The Limerick Pedestrian Network is delighted that our Councillors have voted to reduce our city centre speed limit to 30kmph. It is a potentially transformative move that will find a new balance between people and cars. It is a crucial step in Limerick’s transition to a safer, more enjoyable and equitable city space.”

Councillors approved the Limerick City Centre 30km/hr Speed Limit Byelaws 2023 which included the following map to show the area covered:

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  1. This 30kph speed limit zone and the beginnings of road redesign is a great initial step in protecting vulnerable road users

    May Limerick City Council be a inspiration to councils nationwide!!!

    Keep up the pace of change Limerick..


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