New north Dublin greenway is expected to be “absolutely magnificent”

A new north Dublin greenway across the Broadmeadow Estuary between Malahide Demesne and Newbridge Demesne is expected to be “absolutely magnificent” and is planned to be opened in late 2025 or early 2026.

The foundation stone of the route, which will mainly run alongside the northern line railway tracks, was laid by Minister for Housing and Local Government Darragh O’Brien and Mayor of Fingal Cllr Adrian Henchy at an event ahead of the recent local elections.

Minister O’Brien said that he expects the greenway to be opened in late 2025 or early 2026. He said: “This is a long time coming; it’s been planned since 2010, so it’s great for residents to actually see the work happening here, and this beautiful greenway will be open in late 2025, [or] early 2026.”

Linda Lally, a senior engineer with Fingal County Council, said: “It’s a bridge that will travel over the weir and link the southern causeway on the Malahide side of the estuary to the northern causeway on Donabate. It’s part of an overall 6km long greenway providing superb active travel infrastructure to facilitate people either walking or going by to travel between Malahide and Donabate and will form part of the longer Fingal Coastal Way.”

The project is also eventually supposed to form part of the East Coast Trail, which will also include the S2S Dublin Bay route and routes in Wicklow.

Fingal County Council said that the project was granted planning permission in 2020, and works are now going ahead after lengthy consultation with Irish Rail, procurement processes, the granting of a foreshore licence and preparatory works on both sides of the estuary.

Cllr Henchy (FF) said: “It’s a momentous day. Great credit to everybody involved in this major project, which is going to be a game changer for both Malahide and Donabate and the wider Fingal area. Great credit to Fingal County Council and their partners on the project, the NTA, Irish Rail and all the contractors involved… it’s great to see construction finally underway and we’ll see this greenway open in the next 12 to 18 months, which is just going to be absolutely magnificent.”

Cllr Joan Hopkins (SocDems) said: “Sometimes it feels government is dominated by men (and it is, 75%). I want to pay tribute to AnnMarie Farrelly, CEO of Fingal County Council and the incredible female engineers leading the Broadmeadow Greenway in Malahide. This amazing project is something we are all really proud of.”

Cllr Eoghan O’Brien (FF) said: “A new greenway between Malahide Demesne and Newbridge Demesne via the railway causeway across the Malahide Estuary has been a priority for me and one that I have been championing for many years. I’m delighted to see it progressing.”

He added: “Once completed, the Greenway will be a new and safe route for commuting, connecting our Fingal communities, schools, sports facilities, and train stations. I very much look forward to using it with my own family and seeing our wider community enjoy it.”


  1. It really is galling to see the Minister, Lord Mayor and Councillors praise all those involved in this project and attempt to gain credit for their involvement in it. This project goes back at least as far as the 2005-2011 Fingal Development Plan and we are still only at foundation stone laying stage with vague promises for a completion date. As with the long-fingered Fingal section of the Royal Canal Greenway, the performance of the Local Authority here has been extremely poor and most certainly not a cause for celebration.


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