Dutch Cycling Study Tours, Autumn 2024: Now open for group bookings

Dutch Cycling Study Tours include immersiveness, expert knowledge and shared experience that cannot be rivalled by training in Ireland. According to past attendees, study tours are one of the most cost-effective ways of supporting the rollout of active travel infrastructure.

For an information pack or to book, please contact: Cian Ginty at cian.ginty@gmail.com

These tours are run by Dutch cycling consultant André Pettinga and the editor of this website, Cian Ginty, who have been working together since 2015 and have the most experience running cycling study tours for groups from Ireland.

We say that our #IEinNL study tours are Dutch-Irish teamwork, with each of us “translating” both the Dutch and the Irish to the Dutch experts involved and the Irish attendees. It can be amazing what can get lost in translation, not just differences in culture, design, and frameworks on each side. We are aware of the urban and rural context in Ireland and the Netherlands and have adapted to translate the Dutch and Irish outlooks so as little as possible gets lost in translation.

In the past, the participants have mainly been council officials and councillors and consultants, but they have also previously included parliamentarians and Department officials.

There are three main elements of study tours where attendees go abroad to learn from places with more advanced cycling cultures and infrastructure:

  • Immersiveness of the on-the-ground experience
    There’s nothing like a group cycling and focusing on cycling for 2-3 days: Seeing the infrastructure, using it, and seeing it being used by different people. On-the-ground explanations are far more beneficial than explaining something on paper or in a presentation.
  • Local experts
    Being able to ask questions, and get answers. Experts in cycling, such as officials or aldermen or consultants, give their experience of what works and what does not, how to get projects over the line, and how to make a city or town cycling-friendly.
  • Shared experience and team building
    The shared experience of spending time cycling with each other helps concrete the learned experiences and knowledge, allowing it to be more transferable when the group returns.

Study tours include presentations as a minority element, but they cannot be fully replicated by a presentation, webinar or workshop at home. Seeing is believing.

It’s now the chance for your local authority or organisation to get immersive and expert insight into a cycling culture where nearly everybody cycles as a means of getting from A to B.

For an information pack or to book, please contact: Cian Ginty at cian.ginty@gmail.com

Please note: At this time, we are only seeking interest from organisations looking to make group bookings. We do not have any mixed group study tours planned which are suitable for individuals at the moment.

For more on study tours also seeWith €360 million per year for walking and cycling infrastructure, study tours are invaluable.

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