Watch: Kilmainham to Thomas Street cycle route phase one is nearly finished

Phase one of the Kilmainham to Thomas Street cycle route is nearly finished — the below video, map and images give an outline of the route.

There’s some work left, including continuing the red surfacing and traffic lights for the crossing of the South Circular Road beside the Luas bridge at the new children’s hospital.

The route includes a mix of interventions, including bollard-segregated cycle lanes, bolt-down kerbed two-way cycle paths, and a shared path through a linear park area.

But it also includes a central section shared with cars (marked in red on the map below) — around half of this shared section is mixed with two-way traffic, and the other section is mixed with a narrow one-way street with contraflow cycling allowed.

Meanwhile, the consultation is ongoing for the redesign of the junction at the western end of the route, the junction between Suir Road and Davitt Road.

The route as it stands:

  • Black: To form part of a future phase of the project.
  • Light green: Bollard-segregated cycle lanes.
  • Red: Around half a mix of sharing with two-way traffic and half a mix with a narrow one-way street with contra-flow cycling allowed.
  • Green: Two-way cycle path with rubber bolt-in kerbs (small section to be finished).
  • Light blue: Shared path through the linear park area.
  • Pink: Redesign of the junction between Suir Road and Davitt Road (at consultation)



  1. Ugly as sin, cheap and nasty. Couldn’t even be bothered to burn off the random double yellows. About sums up the DCC attitude to bike infra.

    Public consultation for a junction. Mother of Divine!

    How do the vehicles access the informal parking on image 3? By driving over all of the ugly plastic stumpy bollards? Or will motorists park to the marked outer spaces to the right of the picture, blocking in the others?

    I despair.

    • No need to despair — the double yellow lines in the cycle path will be covered over by the new surfacing (which the article says is to be finished).

      The consultation for the junction is a good idea as what is/was planned is not up to scratch (see linked article).

  2. I use this all the time to get into town now (and then go thru Liberties past Bull Alley and Golden Lane towards Sth Georges St) instead of attempting to brave the gates of hell deathtrap play chicken with buses that is Old Kilmainham, James St, Thomas St and Christchurch.
    The Rialto route is generally fantastic, apart from a lethal junction at Forbes Lane and Marrowbone Lane. Drivers coming onto Forbes Lane are not aware there is contraflow for cyclists coming from Rialto and I have had some horribly close swerves past as I have waited with the bike to take a left onto Marrowbone. I did email Michael Pidgeon – alas no longer a councillor in our area – to let him know about this. He’s been pretty great at informing DCC on missing bollards around Kilmainham & hopefully he’ll pass it on to the right person.
    They need to bollard/kerb protect the contraflow cycle lane on Forbes Lane, especially at both ends, and put up signage.
    But overall from Rialto to Pimlico is now a nice comfortable cycle when once it was a maelstrom. Credit where it’s due.


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