Hogan’s department criticised for axing key Dublin cycling role

There's always one... Dublin’s lord mayor and cycling campaigners have criticised the decision by Fine Gael minister Phil Hogan’s department to end a key role aimed at promoting cycling and making road conditions safer for cyclists.  

Critics of the move point to the national cycle policy which promises to require each local authority to assign a senior level cycling officer, and to increase cycling levels to 10 percent of commuters nationally.

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Is this the best designed contra-flow cycle lane in Dublin?

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council have constructed a contra-flow cycle track which looks like the best designed one in Dublin.

The contra-flow cycle track is on Newtown Avenue, Blackrock. It goes from  Seapoint Avenue to Idrone Terrace.

The lane marking have yet to be put down and the traffic lights have yet to be turned on, but the below pictures should give you an idea of the project.

The only clear and notable problem with it is it does not continue alone the one-way stretch on Main Street. However, it’s a clear improvement from the alternative route which is a essentially a dual carriageway and has no cycle lanes.

It may look at bit like a two-way lane, but it’s not. It’s just a wide one-way track. Cyclists going the same direction as other traffic must use the general traffic lane. Painted lane marking should make this clear, as outlined in the plans for the project.

Here’s some images:

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