Cycle paths to form part of labour intensive recovery plan?

Could building cycle paths help unemployment and economic recovery? Rory O’Donnell, director of the National Economic and Social Council (NESC), talked to Bloomberg Television yesterday on public construction projects which could help recovery and he highlighted cycleways as “relatively small scale, but labour intensive projects” which could be identified and built fairly quickly.

O’Donnell said that these type of projects create “real value” — he could mean return from tourism, as well as transport and health.

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Good example of cycling friendly traffic calming in Dublin?

Some traffic calming from Dublin City Council which seems cycling friendly — anybody use it? Any feedback? It’s on the edge of the 30km/h zone at the top of King’s Inns Street, between DIT Bolton Street and a secondary school.

UPDATE: Some discussion on this on here… Should it have included changing the street to contra-flow for cyclists?

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