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Alternative design for Kilmainham Civic Space with space for cycling possible

COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Recently we detailed issues around the lack of dedicated and protected space for cycling on the planned Kilmainham Civic Space scheme (see here...

Council ignores NCBI plea on mixing cycling and walking at Kilmainham Gaol

Dublin City Council is continuing to ignore a plea from NCBI, the national sight loss charity, not to mix walking and cycling outside one of Ireland's...

Council claims cycle lanes can’t fit into widest route into Dublin City

-- Widest section has five lanes retained but no cycle paths. -- Consultant architects said they were told not to change the roadway. -- "Traffic dominated"...

Council does U-turn on College Green Plaza cycle path commitment

Dublin City Council has confirmed that it has pulled back from a clear commitment on providing a segregated cycle path across the planned College...

Dublin cyclists: Council’s defence of this should make you worry about College Green Plaza plan

COMMENT & ANALYSIS: Sometimes people only see cycle route and other projects in their own areas as affecting them, and don't pay too much attention to...

Cycle lane concerns ignored by Dublin City Council leads to predictable results

Dublin City Council has once again proceed with a street re-design project without dedicated and protected space for cycling. The results are as predicted...

Dublin City Centre plan should not include mixing cycling and buses

Yesterday, shortly after we covered how the planned Kilmainham Civic Space scheme could fit dedicated space for cycling, Dublin City Council released impressive overall plans...

Irish Cycle Facility of the Week

Dublin City Council has provided with the most up-to-date drawing of the Kilmainham Civic Space scheme which is partly under construction. The provision for...
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