How to share the road with trucks

Cyclists are often unaware of the blindspots truck drivers have when driving. The image above gives you an idea, but this 54 second video below is well worth watching to remember to keep away from trucks:


  • Do not cycle on the inside of turning or indicating trucks, HGVs, coaches or buses
  • Many larger vehicles like trucks and buses need to swing right before turning left
  • Just because there is a cycle path or advance stop box does not mean you cannot keep back and wait for the driver to turn or pull off
  • Keep in mind if you can’t see the driver looking at you, then there’s a good chance he or she has not seen you or cannot see you

Here’s an image from the Department of Transport showing where blindspots are on trucks. Note that with articulated trucks (where there’s a cab and septate trailer) the blindspot moves and increases as the truck is turning, this is not shown:

The image above was taken from a flawed video from the Department of Transport and the RSA, nearly identical to one produced by Transport for London. These videos seem too long and condescending too include. More importantly, there’s mixed messages about high-vis and bindspots. It’s simple: If you’re in a blindspot the driver can’t see you and high-vis is highly unlikely to change this. High-vis and helmets — as usual — get in the way of far more important safety messages. The videos also give the very flawed view that each person’s safety is only their own responsibility, this is legally and morally incorrect — everybody by they cyclists car drivers or truck drivers have a legal duty of care to others. If you want to watch these videos anyway see here and here.