Dublin City traffic counts

This pages is based mainly on reports from the Dublin City canal cordon traffic counts, and, below that, the Dublin City Centre cycle counts.

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Dublin City canal cordon traffic counts

Below are reports and graphs from the Dublin City Council and National Transport Authority (NTA) annual canal traffic counts. The traffic surveys are conducted at canal crossing into the city centre as well as junctions of the North Circular Road and South Circular Road — a ring around the city centre call the ‘canal cordon’.

Canal Counts 1997-2013

In 2011, the NTA trends report added context, and other sources of data. From 2013 onwards this was added to the main canal cordon reports.

Note: The data collected only counts movements into the city centre at peak morning times, no trips which start within the canals are counted. The Dublin City Centre cycle traffic counts are an attempt to look at more central trips (see below).


The raw data from 2007-2012 is available on DubLinked here.

Dublin City Centre cycle traffic counts

Seeking the a wider picture than the limited canal cordon counts (above), the Dublin City Council cycle forum requested counts to taken within in canal cordon. These have since become annual counts.



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