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Launched: September 13, 2009
Number of bikes: ~1,580
Number of stations: 101
Official name: Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes
Official site: http://www.dublinbikes.ie/
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Commuters queuing at a DublinBikes station in the morning rush hour

Payment is by credit card, or direct debit (yearly only). More details on dublinbikes.ie. Membership costs:

  • One year: €20
  • Three days: €5

Bike hire fees as of December 2013:

  • First ½ Hour : free
  • 1 hour : €0.50
  • 2 hours : €1.50
  • 3 hours : €3.50
  • 4 hours : €6.50
  • Every extra ½ Hour : €2

NOTE: Extra free 15 minutes given when you swipe on at a station which is full.

The subscription prices increased in December 2013 as part of the first major expansion to the scheme. Previously a long term car cost €10 while a three day ticket cost €3.

Usage and other statistics 

image (18)

Full tables of data: Available on Google Sheets

DublinBikes data for 2015 July – August 
Valid annual subscribers 57,350
Short term subscribers, year to date 13,202
Journeys, year to date 2,664,658
Journeys, since launch 12,003,733
Average duration of journey in minutes 14
Percentage of journeys free 96%
Busiest usage date ever 02/07/2015
Journeys on busiest day 15,934
Number of stations 101


DublinBikes service levels for 2015 July – August
Attempted rentals which were successful 98.10%
Average active number of bikes active in the fleet 1,555
Average no of bikes forcibly regulated (Mon-Fri) 949
Average no of bikes forcibly regulated year to date 697
Total station cleans 490
Separate mechanical maintenance interventions 1,548
Subscriptions fulfilled on average maximum days 13.9
Call centre dealt with a total number of contacts 4,967
…of these were by e-mail (the remainder by phone) 2,157
Official complaints 2


DublinBikes subscriptions and usage changes July – August
Year on year annual subscriptions have grown by -7%
Year on year short-term subscriptions have grown by 47%
Year on year journeys have grown by 55%

image (13)

DublinBikes user age profile overview July – August
14 – 17 0.13%
18 – 25 12.82%
26 – 35 45.23%
36 – 45 25.57%
46 – 55 10.93%
56 – 75 5.17%
75 + 0.14%

.image (16)

DublinBikes user gender profile overview July – August
Male 64%
Female 36%


Overview of construction and on-going costs and income 

Orignal costa: Bikes, stations and systems (€26m), civic advertising (€23.5m) and a way finding system (€4.1m) in exchange for advertising

The 2013/2014 capital budget for the Docklands / Heuston expansion is €6.1m, including National Transport Authority funding of €5.2m and Dublin City Council funding of €900,000.

Capital and operational cost of the expanded system is estimated at €35m over 15 years (paid for by subscriptions and the above).

Starting the end of June 2014, a three-year sponsorship deal, worth “almost €2m”, will see the scheme rebranded as Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes.

More details of costs included in the documents below.

Documents from FOI and AIE requests

Map from 2011-2016 plan:

December 2015 Freedom of Information release 

The following was asked for:

  • 1. All records relating to the tendering and procurement processes run by Dublin City Council for the provision of public amenity services in exchange for access to advertising spaces which led to the selection of JCDecaux as providers of the Dublinbikes scheme 2009.
  • 2. A copy of all research undertaken by DCC into the bike share industry prior to the selection of JCDecaux as system providers.
  • 3. A copy of all records related to the choice and justification of station locations since the inception of the scheme.
  • 4. A copy of both contracts between JCDecaux and Dublin City Council which: (a) provided for the original implementation of the Dublinbikes scheme in 2009 and (b) provided for the schemes’ subsequent expansion.
  • 5. A copy of all records relating to the yearly advertising revenues received by DCC from JCDecaux to-date as provided for in the original contract. These should be the actual revenues received rather than those originally projected.
  • 6. Should it not be explicit in the contracts, I wish to access all information on any quality assurance provisions agreed between JCDecaux and DCC that impacted, or continue to impact, the running and development of the scheme. This should include but not be limited to service level agreements, operational performance metrics, and penalties to be applied to the vendor in the event of failure to comply with agreed standards. It should also include any information onprojected technical and other developments to the system ie a product roadmap for the scheme.
  • 7. A copy of all records relating to the tendering/procurement process which led to the selection of the Coca Cola Ireland as a partner to the scheme.
  • 8. A copy of all records relating to public consultations carried out by DCC in relation to the scheme.
  • 9. A copy of all user surveys conducted by DCC since the implementation of the scheme.
  • 10. (a) From the start of the scheme to the end of last month: a copy of (1) the current long-term subscriber data per month (number of current subscribers, i.e. minus drop offs) and (2) the number of 3-day tickets each month (ie per individual month, no accumulative)

The files released by Dublin City Council were sent on a CD with the folders 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10 on the disk corresponding to the above, folder 3 had a number of sub-folders as shown below.

Section 1

Contract Award Notice
Contract Notice
DCC Invitation to Bid
DCC Revised Invitation to Bid
Prior Information Notice
R07-09 Internal Audit Full Report Review of Contract Awarded to JCDecaux Ire Ltd

Section 3 / Phase 1

3.1 DTO
3.2 Cycle Locations Area Powerpoint Pres
3.5 Potential Locations 2008

Section 3 / Phase 1 / 3.3 Phase1 Booklet 2008 potential sites


Section 3 / Phase 1 / 3.4 Phase 1 Booklet 2008 shortlist

3.9 Phase 2 Internal Consultation
3.8 Phase 2 Potential New Stations Photographic Survey (2)
3.7 Phase 2 Potential New Stations Photographic Survey 1
3.6 Phase 2dublinbikes Expansion Map

Section 3 / Phase 2

3.6 Phase 2dublinbikes Expansion Map
3.7 Phase 2 Potential New Stations Photographic Survey 1
3.8 Phase 2 Potential New Stations Photographic Survey 2
3.9 Phase 2 Internal Consultation

Section 4

1. 23 Nov 06 (original contract)
2. Revised Schedule 2007
3. Revised Schedule Feb 2010
4. dublinbikes Expansion Contract 15-5-13

Section 6

CCZ dbs Operational Report Jan Feb 2015
CCZ dbs Operational Report July-Aug 2015
CCZ dbs Operational Report Mar Apr 2015
CCZ dbs Operational Report May June 2015

Section 9

Research report by Delve Research – Dublin Bikes Survey 2011 complete report
Supplementary report by Delve Research – Open Comments, Dublin Bikes Survey

Section 10

Report on Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes Subs

Archive / old data

Number of journeys taken after:

  • One year 1,101,877
  • Two years 2,529,693
  • Three years 4,032,750
  • Four years 5,290,073
  • Five years 7,951,866


Current number of stations: 101
Current number of bikes: 1,500
Long-term members 53,484
Journeys in 2015 to date 981,746
Journeys on busiest day 15,441 on October 2, 2014
Total journeys 10,000,000


Current number of stations: 100
Current number of bikes: 1,500
Long-term members 46,695
Short-term members (YTD) 9,395
Journeys in 2014 to date 1,760,832
Total journeys 7,951,866
Percentage of free journeys 95%
Average journey time 20 minutes
Journeys on busiest day 13,614 on 4th September 2014


Total journeys since 2009: 7.6 million journeys
Journeys so-far in 2014: 1.468 million
96% of rentals are free, ie under 30 minutes


Active long term members: 42,083
Journeys so-far in 2014: 979,786
Total journeys since 2009: 7,170,820
Busiest day so-far: 11,096 on June 12, 2014
“Almost 5,000 short term subscriptions so-far this year” (2014)
Average journey time 13 minutes
95% of rentals are free, ie under 30 minutes
Busiest usage day so far: 11,096 rentals on June 12, 2014

Older stats not yet updated:

Bike rotation rate, ie average number of times a bike is rented per day: 9.4 for week commencing 6/1/2013
Average bike rotation rate for year to date: 8.39 (25/11/2013)

Long term subscribers: 36,636 (25/11/2013)
Short term subscribers: 10,266 (25/11/2013)
Journeys year to date: 1,519,671 (25/11/2013)
Average trips per day to date: 4,619
Total journeys: 6,037,199 (25/11/2013)
Average duration of journeys: 20 minutes (25/11/2013)
Percentage of free journeys under 30 minutes: 95.2% (25/11/2013)
Busiest day in 2013: Tuesday October 8 with 6,973 journeys (25/11/2013)
Long-term subscriptions: 45,600 (as of 22/4/2012)
Three day tickets: 31,200 (as of 22/4/2012)

Long term hire total: 53,216 as of 12/01/2013
3 day ticket total: 38,125 as of 13/01/2013
Total number of rentals: 4,674,277 as of 12/01/2013
Average duration of journeys: Approximately 13 minutes
Percentage of total journeys which are free (Less than 30 minutes long): 95%
Average number of subscribers per station (Subscription total / 44): 2,076
Average number of subscribers per bike (Subscription total / 550): 166
Busiest usage day of the previous month: 5,734 rentals on 5/12/2012
Bike rotation rate (Average number of times a bike is rented per day): 9.4 for week commencing 6/1/2013

Sources: DublinBikes; Dublin City Council


  1. Orignal costa: Bikes, stations and systems (€26m), civic advertising (€23.5m)

    You guys paid 23.5 million euros for advertising a bike system? Are you crazy?!

  2. No, that was the cost to the company who provided the bicycle system and civic advertising slots, in return for on street advertising spaces.

    The city got bike share, on-going civic advertising slots, and a way finding network of tourist sign. The company got advertising spaces on public land.

    The city funded almost nothing towards the bikes but securing footpath and other space for advertising placements.


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