Myths: Speed

Many people view cycling as a very slow form of transport, but in Dublin it’s a myth that cycling is very slow compared to driving or getting the bus.

Cycling compares well to other options. For short to medium trips cycling is often faster, but even for some longer trips, cycling isn’t as slow as you might think. According to the Department of Transport:

  • Data from the 2006 Census reveals that, for journeys within the Dublin Canal Ring, cyclists reached an average speed of 12 km/h compared to just 15km/h for cars.
  • For trips within the M50, the 2006 Census reveals average speed for cyclists of 14km/h compared to 18km/h for cars.

In 2009 average bus speed across the city were recorded to be at 16.61km/h. But with buses, trams, and trains you also need to add in the time it takes to:

  • get from your home to the station/stop
  • get from the station/stop to your destination
  • wait for the next buses/trams/trains