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There are examples, big and small, which show that the reader-funded or listener-funding model can work to support journalism — from the Dublin Inquirer and The Guardian to our US-based counterpart Bike Portland to many podcasts.

The non-paywall model which IrishCycle uses is based on only a small percentage of readers seeing the value of subscribing. That’s the reality of the open reader-funded model, but your support is needed to allow to keep going and growing.

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Why subscribe? uses a reader-funded journalism model without a paywall. That means the people who subscribe understand the importance of keeping’s journalism open for everybody to read.

What qualifies you to call this journalism?
This website is run by me, Cian Ginty with contributions from others — I have reported on and commented on cycling in Ireland for over 15 years. I’ve a background in journalism, with a BA in Journalism from DCU and HDip in Print Journalism from BCFE. I wrote about cycling (and other issues) for national newspapers, and started first for overflow stories. That grew into what is today. It includes straightforward journalism as well as campaigning journalism, which is a strong journalistic tradition.

Can you tell me more about IrishCycle and who runs it?
You can find out more at

Who handles payments?
Payments are managed by Stripe, an Irish-American financial services company ranked highly for its security practices. Stripe is used by well-known companies such as Deliveroo and Stripe’s is known for having a high level of security.

How do I manage my subscription?
You can manage your subscription via the customer portal.

How do I increase my subscription level?
Log into the customer portal, click on “update plan” and then pick which option you want.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Sorry to see you go, but we hope to have you back soon.

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Can I subscribe for more or less than the above amounts?
The only current options are €5 per month, €10 per month, or €20 per month, or the yearly equivalents (see above). had more options when it first launched, but these were phased out as options for new subscribers.

What if I signed up using
Users of Ko-Fi — mainly those who subscribed before April 20, 2023 — can log onto and then visit But Stripe also manages the Ko-Fi payments, so, Ko-Fi users can also login via the customer portal.

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