Documents and reports

A collection of documents and reports relating to cycling in Dublin and Ireland:

Main cycling policy and related documents
National Cycle Policy
National Cycle Manual (June 2011, also see
Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets (alt link)

Cycling and mobility 
Children’s Independent Mobility on the island of Ireland

Department of Transport safety advice
Newtown Avenue, Blackrock contra-flow public consultation report
 (July 2011)
Dublin Bikes Strategic Planning Framework Document (2011)
National Cycle Network Scoping Study (August 2010)

Part 8 planning files for canals premium cycle route
Original map and drawings
(other files to be uploaded)

Sutton to Sandycove Promenade and Cycleway: Preliminary Design and Environmental Study, January 2006

Report intro
Section 1: Sutton to North Fringe Outfall
Section 2: North Fringe Outfall to Black Banks
Section 3 – file damaged
Section 4: North Bull Island Causeway to Wooden Bridge
Section 5: Wooden Bridge to Alfie Byrne Road
Section 6: Alfie Byrne Road to East Wall Road
Section 7: East Wall Road to North Wall Quays
Section 8: North Wall Quay to York Road
Section 9: York Road to Sandymount Strand
Section 10: Sandymount Strand
Section 11: Merrion Gates to Blackrock
Section 12: Blackrock to Brighton Vale
Section 13: Brighton Vale to Dun Laoghaire West Pier
Section 14: Dun Laoghaire West Pier to Ferry Terminal
Section 15: Ferry Terminal to Dun Laoghaire Baths
Section 16: Dun Laoghaire Baths to Sandycove Harbour
Report Delivery

Environmental Report – Introduction
Environmental Report – Air Quality
Environmental Report – Noise
Environmental Report – Soils and Geology
Environmental Report – Water
Environmental Report – Flora and Fauna
Environmental Report – Archaeology
Environmental Report – Appendices

Sutton to Sandycove Promenade and Cycleway Phase 2: Preliminary Design Report, March 2010
S2S Report Rev F
Appendices Rev D

Party policy
Fianna Fail: Improving the Urban Cycling Experience (September 2012)


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