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Planned section of Sutton to Sandycove cycleway has more needless mixing of cyclists and pedestrians

Cyclists and pedestrians kept apart at a road crossing on a greenway in Copenhagen.
Cyclists and pedestrians kept apart at a road crossing on a greenway in Copenhagen.

Recently we questioned Why are Irish councils obsessed with mixing cyclists and pedestrians? A prime example is the planned section of the Sutton to Sandycove cycleway between Clontarf and Dollymount, and Bull Island (details here, public consultation date passed).

This is a cycle route which is supposed to — at some stage in the future — stretch from one end of Dublin Bay to the other. But even in the short term it is set to go non-stop from Sutton to at least Fairview, or East Wall Road.

It has a huge potential to offer commuters a high-quality off-road cycle route which is comfortable and gives cyclists half decent priority. But it looks as if we’re not getting that.

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Why are Irish councils obsessed with mixing cyclists and pedestrians?

Shared use: Canal Way premium cycleway in the Docklands is interrupted by shared use at a junction.

One of the most often heard complaints about cyclists is cycling on footpaths. So, it would seem a bit like madness for the councils who design our roads and streets to continue to design space which mixes cyclists and pedestrians.

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Cyclists please dismount – this is Dublin

Parnell Street – one of the main streets in the city centre on the north side – is getting it’s footpaths repaved. Strangely the council / their contractors seen to think this is a good reason to ask cyclists to dismount.

I noticed maybe 20-30 cyclists pass by in just a few minutes this afternoon around 6pm, all but one ignoring the silly advice shown in the picture.

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Docklands Luas and cycling: Public inquiry report vs reality

Comment & Analysis: Interesting cycling nugget from the findings of the public inquiry for the Docklands Luas (extension C1) conducted for the Department of Transport:

“The project will involve the construction of a bridge linking Mayor Street Upper with Mayor Street Lower (Mayor Street Bridge) across Spencer Dock; this will provide a route for pedestrians and cyclists as well as LUAS vehicles; and it will also provide vehicle access to the National Conference Centre from Guild Street.

The bridge across Spencer Dock was not made cycling friendly and heading eastbound, once across the bridge there’s no legal way to proceed, no route. The road is blocked as shown in this image and this artificial blocking in one direction (there’s loads of space!) is followed by no route past the Luas stop in both directions (in the far background, along the tracks):

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