Day 1: Utrecht: Cycle tour 1 + 2 notes

Notes: Route may vary. Major changes can be noted here at a later date.

Cycle tour of Utrecht part 1

Catharijnesingel: From motorway to canal


Junction of Amsterdamsestraatweg and Sint-Josephlaan 

Sint-Josephlaan to Lessinglaan

  • + streets of different names in between
  • Part of inner ring road
  • Starts with two-way cycle paths on both sides of the street, some merge with service streets
  • Narrows to unidirectional cycle paths on both sides
  • Around Thomas à Kempisweg: Residents and the city have debated how best to reduce traffic and turn the road into a “city boulevard” with more greenery, less space for cars etc, see article in Dutch here:

Dafne Schippers Bridge

Leidseweg bicycle street


Cycle tour of Utrecht part 2


‘t Goylaan

  • BicycleDutch: From ring road to city boulevard
  • Another section of the inner ring road
  • 2×2 lane road changed to 2×1 lane streets
  • Includes traffic lights that only turn on when side road traffic builds up

‘t Goylaan to Utrecht Lunetten

  • Example of cycle paths beside motorway slip-road roundabout.
  • Example of seamless connection from cycle path beside road, to cycle path on its own, to bicycle street, to cycle path etc.

Weg tot de Wetenschap (“Road to Science”)

  • Route to Science Park area which includes university and medical campus outside motorway ring.
  • Built as part of tram route to Science Park
  • BicycleDutch: Utrecht straightens out a cycle route

Adriaen van Ostadelaan

Rubenslaan / Venuslaan

  • Example of 2×2 road where one lane in each direction is a bus lane.
  • Examples of protected junctions.

Bicycle parking tour