Happy second birthday DublinBikes

DublinBikes is two years old today. The bikes have been used for more than 2,527,435 journeys according to JCDecaux today. DublinBikes in numbers:

Bikes: 550
Stations: 44
Long term members: Over 37,000
Short term subscriptions: Over 25,000
Busiest day: 6,280 journeys on July 13
Planned expansion: 5,000 bikes by 2016

UPDATED: More stats from Dublin City Council:

  • Subscription total: 63,072 as at  12/9/2011
  • Long term Hire total: 37,417 as at  12/9/2011
  • 3 day ticket total: 25,655 as at  12/9/2011
  • Total number of Journeys: 2,529,693 as at  12/9/2011
  • Average duration of journey: Approximately 13 minutes
  • Percentage of total journeys which are free (Less than 30 minutes long): 95.3%
  • Average number of subscribers per station (Subscription total / 44): 1,433
  • Average number of subscribers per bike (Subscription total / 550): 115
  • Busiest usage day of the previous month: 6,176 rentals on Thursday 1/9/2011
  • Busiest usage day to date: 6,281 rentals on Wednesday 13/7/2011
  • Bike Rotation Rate (Average number of times a bike is rented per day: 9.8 for week commencing 5/9/2011

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