N11 bicycle counter records 100,000 passing

Since the start of the year 100,000 cyclists were recorded heading northbound by an electronic counter on the N11 in Dublin.

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council said it was delighted to make the announcement. Imagine how much more delighted they would be to announce larger numbers if it was set up to count all cyclists? It does not count cyclists who legally use the bus lane — see the story in the Irish Independent or the Irish Examiner.

Or how many more people would use the route if the N11 cycle tracks were not designed so poorly in the first place?

Today, the council said:

“Over the 9 month period, there was a daily average of almost 400 cyclists per day using the cycle route. Almost 90% of all weekly trips take place Monday to Friday with 57% of these trips between 8am and 10am, mainly consisting of commuters and students. The highest recorded days since the counter was installed occurred towards the end of September with 833 cyclists recorded on 27 September and 876 cyclists recorded on 28 September 2011. Tuesday is the busiest day for cyclists on the cycle route.”

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