Cycling in Rathmines at rush hour

Rathmines and nearby areas just beyond the canals in Dublin seem like good examples of popular cycling areas where the conditions for cycling are ok at best, and are far from ideal.  The cycle lanes are small and the road surface is in bits both sides of the road — think of the possibilities if things were made a little better for cyclists!

Here’s a random 1.5min snippet of video recorded in Rathmines from last week, it was not taken for counting traffic, but it shows 21 cars , taxis not on hire, bus, mopeds and 22 cyclists.'s reader-funded journalism won't survive without your help. With over 762,000 views so-far this year, it's not just "avid cyclists" who read this website, but, if you want it to keep going, more support is needed from readers like you. Now, back to the article...


  1. You should do a survey of Camden Street > Rathmines and the ridiculous one way street that still exists at the Bleeding Horse Pub. You are forced to go around 3 more junctions (the main one at Harcourt St near Starbucks being extremely dangerous on a bike to turn to Rathmines), Cross a double lane of traffic, and share a narrow 2 lane road with a Luas coming the other way very close to the road. It must be up to 10 years ago they said they were going to change this and they still haven’t. Meanwhile their new stupid canal cycle lane is empty most of the time and doesn’t actually serve any purpose compared to the more needed safe routes into and out of the city center. Likewise BTW it is practically imposssible to get around the Green anymore.

  2. The mans right. I was thinking if they made a cycle lane to run againts the traffic to go straight up with the bleeding horse on your left so you can go straight to the rathmines bridge. all that would have to be done is a special bicycle traffic light next to the pedestrian one on the island out side of the bleeding horse similar to the one on the cutom house bridge on the south side that allows you to cross onto the road safley if you where coming to the end of the south side liffey bank cycle lane. Unfortunitly the liffey bank cycle lanes and the ring road cycle lane (on the canal) are aimed at tourist or lesure cyclists and not comuters that actualy have places to go :(

    As for the Green I feal a dose of nostalja from my currying days when I come flying around the corner from lower leesons street (the right witch leaves the park on your left) and am left stranded in the middle of the 3 lane road with two lanes of traffic to cross to get to the bicycle lane only to reach the next corner and have 2 dismount and cross the road as a pedestrian in order to join the trafic on merrion row, it’s this or swing round the park and take the right down dawsons street fight to cross lanes and take the right onto nassau street fight across lanes again on to clair street and then your at merrion square(a regular visit for me). I think their the only two parks in the world where it quicker to walk slowy to each other than cycle.


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