Mapped: Cyclists in Dublin by area

After we reported a 26% increase in cyclists in Dublin, Jim posted this comment:

“You can see a map showing, among other Census stuff, the cycling rate in different parts of the country here.

I captured the Dublin map here. Unfortunately cycling levels seem very low outside Dublin.”

Here’s a screen shot of the map showing a break down of the modal share of cyclists, mapping by the All-Island Research Observatory with Census 2011 data from the CSO:

If you want a good look at the map, it’s well worth viewing the interactive map here — currently you have [a] to open the ‘population’ sub-menu and deselected all that is pre-selected, and then [b] go down to the ‘transport’ sub-menu and click ‘bike’, the second option.

The areas shown are ‘small area population statistics’, which are subdivisions of the ‘local electoral areas’ mentioned at the end of the article yesterday.

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