Will this be the widest cycle lane in Dublin?

Is this the widest single-direction cycle lane in Dublin? At least the widest inside the canals or so close to the city centre?

Taken on Richmond Street South (between the Rathmines Road Lower and Camden St) today after some very recent resurfacing and line painting:

…Or maybe Dublin Bus are getting mini buses for the routes that serve Rathmines?

Here’s a pic with my cargo bike showing the lane size where Richmond Street South meets the junction with Camden Street (heading into two with Harcourt Road to the right and Harrington Street / the South Circular Road to the left). It might not be too clear, but you could fit two cargo bikes side-by-side inside the bicycle lane!

We previously covered how the city council just repainted old, sub-standard lanes after major resurfacing work, so it’s great to see some improvements with this latest batch of resurfacing.


  1. I was thinking of getting someone to design a segregated bikeway from Rathmines right up to Dame Street (and maybe thru Temple Bar to go across the Liffey to join the proposed Liffey bikeway), removing one lane from the cars. It seems that they are paving the way prematurely for us already ;-)

  2. I saw this. continues along up to rathgar too. I actually thought they had abolished the bike lane for more street parking(€€€).

  3. Double yellow lines have been painted only at the junctions of the street, so looks like the may be abolishing the cycle lane and turning it into street parking after all :(
    I really hope I am wrong.


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