Desperate bicycle parking spaces at Ikea Dublin

Ikea in Denmark offer rental of bicycles with cargo trailers, but their cycling provisions are below par in Dublin. We mean below par even compared to elsewhere in Dublin.

On our trips to Ikea, the sign of bicycle parking is more useful as a secure bicycle stand then their flimsy wheel-only stands:


The others with bicycles parked up had about the same idea, locking their bikes to the end posts which define the parking, not the actual stands. The stands are of the worst type. The design makes it hard to lock the frame of your bike and encourages many people just to lock their wheels (a bike stolen in seconds if it has quick release wheels, and only a little longer without quick release).

The design also make vandalism or accidental damage easier given a bike is only held up right by its wheels. The most common bike parking on the streets of Dublin —  Sheffield stands — are a lot better when you’re trying to load shopping into your panniers or onto a rear carrier.

We’d expect more from Ikea given their focus on sustainability and good design.


  1. IKEA’s planning permission requires them to provide 32 bike parking spaces and 52 spaces for staff. There is a diagram which shows full length bike racks.

    They are also required to prepare a mobility plan promoting cycling and walking and lodge this with fingal coco and to appoint a mobility manager and to carry out annual mobility studies and submit to the council for corrective advice. You could ask Fingal coco how that;s going.


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