How our Irish Christmas tree was brought home by bicycle

Not just any bike or tree. A large tree on a cargo bike. When you cycle a cargo bicycle in this country, you quickly get used of people looking at you, add a Christmas tree and you notice even more attention. Here’s our tree on the bike last week just after arriving home:

The Christmas tree was transported a short 3km, mostly up hill. Light work compared to another trip early the same day which included carrying a stockpile of 75kg of de-icing salt and a few other bits. I’m living in the country now, but in Dublin last year without a cargo bike I walked over a kilometre further with a tree balanced on a normal bike — so the cargo bike has made things easier.

Before commenting any safety conscious readers should noted that the photographs were taken, as an afterthought, just after a long industrial-strength bungee cord was removed! Happy Christmas!

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