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Dublin Bikes nears 5m rentals in 3.5 years

Dublin City Council has said Dublin Bikes users have clocked up 4.7 million rentals, between September 2009 and last week.

The system has 53,000 long-term subscribers who pay €10 annually — around 8,000 extra compared to a year ago without any increase in the number of bikes.

Tourists and others have bought over 38,000 three-day tickets at €2 each — amounting to around 7,000 in the last year.

The average journey time is 13 minutes and 95% of journeys are under 30 minutes, which are free.

Each bike is rented around 10 times a day. The busiest day last month was on Thursday the 5th when the bikes were rented over 5,700 times.


September 13, 2009

Number of bicycles

Long term hire total
53,216 as of 12/01/2013

3 day ticket total
38,125 as of 13/01/2013

Total number of journeys
4,674,277 as of 12/01/2013

Average duration of journey
Approximately 13 minutes

Percentage of total journeys which are free (Less than 30 minutes long)

Average number of subscribers per station (Subscription total / 44)

Average number of subscribers per bike (Subscription total / 550)

Busiest usage day of the previous month
5,734 rentals on 5/12/2012

Bike rotation rate (Average number of times a bike is rented per day)
9.4 for week commencing 6/1/2013

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