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Bellow is our potential article list for the Cycling in Dublin newspaper, Summer 2013 edition. UPDATED to include suggestions.

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Do you have any fresh ideas? What issue should we cover? Do you have any suggestions on how we best cover the below potential articles? Please comment below, email, post on our Facebook account, or send a tweet to @cyclingindublin.

Stories may be dropped, shortened, bulked-up or otherwise changed depending a range of issues including reader feedback giving us better ideas, what information is available before going to print, space issues, and getting the right mix of articles to interest a range of readers.

As much as is practically possible, the people involved will be interviewed and the aim will be to get as many sides of the story as possible to give you the best picture of the issues.

Here’s the list so-far:

News articles
At least two pages which are to be finalised closer to publication — depends on developments, leads and information received while researching the below, and tips from the public…

Can Dutch-style cycle paths work on Dublin’s quays?
How this issue is covered largely depends what information is available and if the project is progresses before we go to print. We’ll look at questions such as: What’s proposed? Why is the project so important for cycling in Dublin? Why are the quays a problem for cyclists? Is the project workable? Is there opposition? What affect would such a project have on bus, car and goods access to the city centre?

Greenways and on-road cycle routes: Is there progress?
An official review of network of cycle routes in Dublin looks to be stalled: What’s happening? What projects are likely to go ahead? Are we taking the best possible approaches? Has there been progress since last year? Will the S2S Dublin bay route ever be completed?

Kissing gates: Are they needed?
Possible tie-in with the above cycle route story: How kissing gates and other barriers block touring or commuters with panniers, abnormal bikes such as cargo bikes and trailers and even just those with child seats on their bikes. What solutions are used elsewhere? Will we see kissing gates removed around Dublin or will we see more of them in the future?

On-bike storage: From laptops to shopping
A feature focused on-bike storage on more average bicycles (apposed to on larger cargo bikes). Covering racks, panniers, baskets, and crates, and why these solutions can be better than a bag on your back.

Guide to rules, safety, riding in the wet, and locking your bike
An overview aimed at well new cyclists as well as less recent converts covering the above issues. Including recent law changes: Left undertaking confirmed as legal, and how few cycle lanes are now mandatory.

Children on board
The options and issues around transporting children on bicyclesThe range of options from front and rear child seats to trailers and a range of cargo bikes, and the issues such as traffic around schools. To include views from parents who cycle their children to schools and pre-schools.

Cycling in Dublin: The numbers
An updated and expanded printed edition of our infographic on the numbers of cycling, Dublin bike usage, and a breakdown of statistics showing which areas in Dublin have more cyclists. Unlike the current web version, this will cover all of Dublin and not just the Dublin City Council area.

A ‘cycling is quicker than you might think’ list and graphic
A list of estimated travel times and a graphic showing routes between Dublin City Centre and different suburbs, and between suburbs and other key locations such as UCD or DCU and district centres such as Sandyford.

How retailers underestimate how many shoppers cycle
Tie-in with the quays or on-bike storage articles?

Best off-road cycle routes
A short article covering some of the best routes in parks, along the coast and the city’s rivers and canals.

Why do different adverting standards apply to cycling and motoring?
Cyclists without helmets banned when there’s no legal requirement to wear them, but car adverts are allowed to show motorists breaking the law.

Are Dublin’s roundabouts off-putting to would-be cyclists?
Can roundabout designs be made safer for cyclists? What has been tried to date? What are the plans for the future?

Do 30km/h speed limits work?
Has Dublin’s older and more recent 30km/h zones had any affect? Is there enforcement  Why is 30km/h gaining popularity across Europe but hardly used in Ireland?

20 years of the Dublin Cycle Campaign
What is the campaign? What do they do? What are their core positions?

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  1. On Roundabouts I find the majority of the big ones a nuisance,you have to be prepared for cars coming from your right who want to turn first left while you want to go around the Roundabout to exit the third turn left. One Roundabout is very dangerous ,this is the Airport one just past the Coachmans Inn inward bound to the City on the Old Swords road. You have to get over to the right to access the straight ahead lane while fast moving traffic is going past trying to turn onto the lane bringing them onto the M1. It is not so bad coming the opposite way from town on the Old Swords Road. However if on the rare occasion I am traveling from Swords I just turn off to the left and head for the Baskins and I come the same way from Town along the Malahide Road and turn for the Baskins on the outward journey to avoid this Roundabout. The big Roundabout at the Pigeon House road can be awkward sometimes but on most occasions not too much Traffic to worry about.. When there was Vegetation such as Bushes and Trees on Roundabouts it was much worse ,fast moving Traffic did not realise Bikes were on the Roundabout because their vision was blocked but now no more Vegetation.The small little Roundabouts does not seem to be a problem. I would like to see the entire Metropolitan area of the City with a 30kph far safer especially the Quays as they are very dangerous. Otherwise if no 30kph along the Quays then a dedicated Cyle Lane or no Motor Traffic on one side only Pedestrians and Bicycles.It would be very pleasant with open air Cafés and no Pollution from Cars.There is an request from the ECF for people to Petition to get EU Ministers to Vote in 30KPH general speed Limits in our Cities Towns and Villages in the entire EU at the moment.

  2. I’d appreciate some idea of where we are with the Royal Canal Towpath cycling route. There’s been some funding allocated, but I understand that is only to complete the section to Clonsilla or maybe just Castleknock. It should be extended out to Leixlip at least, but as usual these things seem to stop at the county border. Kildare Coco seem more interested in Naas and Newbridge than the parts of their county that are adjacent to the city. We could really do with some planning for Greater Dublin rather than 6 councils with their own agendas. Cycling is a cheap win for any local or national government in straightened times, even Boris Johnson realizes that. But still the vast majority of the budget goes on roads.

    • @Archie The canals and other routes are the top of the list! Will hopefully be able to give a wide ranging update with detail of what’s happening and when routes are expected to be finished.

      @CycleDub if I have the space, I might get one of you to write about why you use helmet cams?


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