DublinBikes expansion station locations: Interactive map

UPDATE: A more detailed map has been released by the city council, it can be viewed by clicking here. We have also made corrections to our Google map below.

A map showing new DublinBikes stations planned in the now approved expansion was posted online on Sunday, but many complained it was unclear. On a closer look, even if it was better quality, it’s an outdated map, with buildings where there were streets and railway lines where there’s now station car parks!

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So, as accurately as possible, we’ve put the station locations into an interactive map below:

Green bikes = current stations
Red pins = approximate locations of planned stations
Green line: Luas green line, including the BXD extension
Red line: Luas red line
Blue line: Dart / rail line

View CyclinginDublin.com: DublinBikes expansion map in a larger map

For the purpose of getting an idea of where the new stations will be, we think most locations are a reasonable replica of the council’s outline map. As the map we’re basing it off is rather basic and we’ve yet to see the full list of new stations, in some cases the street names could be marked wrong and, in cases like the stations at the Heuston Station car parks, there’s some guess work involved as the landmarks differ in the outdated map.


  1. Great to see this development. 2 critical comments:

    1. They’re going for intensive rather than extensive growth. I would have thought that extending stations beyond the canals could have improved the bikes as a commuting option.

    2. Bit of a class division there. Do DCC think that no-one lives between Inchicore and Camden St?

    Those are just off the top of my head. I’d be interested to see what methodology DCC used when planning new stations.

  2. I don’t think the Dublin Bikes were ever meant as a
    commuting option. I would have assumed that anyone who wanted to
    commute by bicycle would, as a minimum, equip themselves with a
    bicycle! Looking for the bike scheme to extend north and south of
    the canals would make maintenance of the service exponentially more
    problematic. The planned expansion seems to cater for ‘short-hop’
    journeys within the business area of the city as well as catering,
    primarily, for the visitor in covering all the main tourist
    attractions. Well done. For the commuter who needs to make journeys
    from the place of work and doesn’t want to risk the expensive
    commuter bike, Dublin Bikes is an attractive option!

  3. Thanks to the authors for the efforts.

    Dear all,

    I don’t want to add to the noise here…but it seems I’m going to: Why is it proposed that Heuston Station gets three stations (two of which seem to be in an awkward position) and the nearby Parkgate St. also gets two? All this when the nearby residential band from Islandbridge to Parkgate Street via Conyngham Road (including but not limited to: Bellevue, Clancy Quay, Bridgewater Quay, Riverpark, Long Meadows) is ignored?

    I am motivated to make this statement as I live in the aforementioned area, I don not say whether this quandary occurs elsewhere. I’ve had a mixed opinion over the administration of this scheme even if I am, broadly, in support of it. Rather than provide any comprehensive debate here I seek to incite other people to pursue the issue also.



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