A third place – a place for cyclists

UK cycling blog As Easy As Riding A Bike posted last month asking “When people demonstrate they don’t want to cycle with traffic, why don’t we listen?

As Easy As Riding A Bike says:

“Rail trails, and seafront paths, are the everyday equivalent of Skyrides; places where people can ride bikes in comfort, away from traffic. Demand is high for these routes, even if their quality is sometimes dubious.”

Two key examples in Ireland of people wanting to cycle away from motor traffic include the Phoenix Park in Dublin and the Great Western Greenway in Mayo — there’s huge demand for cycling with both even when the design of the these are sometimes to often far below best practice used in the Netherlands and elsewhere. It would actually seem the design of these are lower than Irish guidelines.

As Easy As Riding A Bike goes on to say:

“The pavement is, of course, a place where people can cycle away from motor traffic, and we should not be surprised that people opt for it in such great numbers.”

The same also happens here. The footpath should be reserved for those on foot. As As Easy As Riding A Bike points to, there’s a third place, a place for cyclists: Segregated cycle paths.

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