Sun, Seapoint and Cycling

Seapoint made a big comeback as a local swimming and sun bathing spot over the recent beautiful summer days. The space is not conducive for getting there by car, but rather any other means. It was an amazing sight to see so many people making the trip there by bicycle and making use of this local amenity.'s reader-funded journalism won't survive without your help. With over 762,000 views so-far this year, it's not just "avid cyclists" who read this website, but, if you want it to keep going, more support is needed from readers like you. Now, back to the article...

A closer look at the adapted cycle parking

The picture above shows where bicycle parking has been facilitated by making use of railings along the a viewing platform above the life guard offices. The picture shows many bicycles, but there are more located on the lower side near the Martello and surrounds. The next picture is a closer look at how the railings have been utilised by bicycle goers.

The Seapoint Martello tower has recently been refurbished and is open to the public with free guided tours at the weekend. This is a great opportunity to see for yourself what they are like inside and learn more about their history and variety along the coast.

The view from the roof of the Martello with cannon across the bay to Howth
The view overlooking Seapoint


  1. Yes I have noticed that myself,with the beautiful weather I sometimes go for a Cycle out as far as Dalky and Bulloch Harbour and on the way pass by here. On the way back I sometimes pass the Harbour area of Dunlaoghaire and go along the track beside the Railway which eventually brings you to Brighton Vale and Seapoint and stop for a while . Loads of people bringing their Bikes with them to the Seaside it is great to see this.


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