Is this the worst bicycle parking stand in Dublin?

Or the worst bicycle parking stand lookalike in Dublin?

Aviva Stadium in Dublin places what looks to be a bicycle stand beside a fire door. Then, on the door, they place a sign which says in small text: “Warning locked bicycles will be removed.” Here’s Vinnie Quinn’s image of the stand and doorway:

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EDIT: A reader commented that the stand does not look like a bicycle rack, however, bicycle racks and stands come in an amazing amount of different designs. The one pictured above is sold as a “P Cycle Bicycle rack” / “P Stand” under the “Cycle Stands & Racks” section of one UK company’s website.

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  1. Not a rack. A rack encloses the front wheel. This is a handrail. Sure its ideal for locking a bike to but use common sense. It is an exit….no obstructing.

  2. Ed — One of the street furniture suppliers who lists it on their website calls it both a rack and a stand. But yes, bicycle ‘stand’ would be correct for this, not rack.

  3. Looks like a rail intended to prevent anyone standing or walking there in case the (necessarily outward-opening) fire door is flung open. Design in public places should be user-friendly and crystal-clear. This needs a re-think.


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