Dublin cycling route planner launched

Capture Cycle Route Planner
A screen shot of the Cycle Planner

An online cycling route planner for the Dublin area was launched today by the National Transport Authority (NTA).

It can be found at journeyplanner.transportforireland.ie and as an Android App on the Google Play store. A version is due to be on the Apple App Store in “the next few days”.

The NTA says it is designed suit all types of cyclists, from novice to experienced.

It covers from Malahide and Swords south to Bray, and as far west as Lucan and Clonee. Routes can be stored on apps for off line viewing. The route planner has the following settings:

“Easier” — avoids heavy traffic and difficult junctions where possible, and favours park routes or off-road / residential options where those are available.

“Balanced” — favours the easier routes, but will suggest cycling on roads with light to moderate traffic where this delivers a more direct route and a faster journey time.

“Direct” —
option returns the shortest route from A to B, using cycle tracks where these are available, but also incorporating cycling alongside heavy traffic if required.

Pre-set maps installed for some of the leisure routes in the region – including the Dodder River Cycle Way, the Dublin Bay Coastal Route and the Canal Cycle Ways.

The NTA say they are interested in hearing feedback from users.
Gerry Murphy, chief executive of the NTA said: “Cycling is on the up and up and this new app planner will be really handy for cyclists of all levels of experience. If you have young children and want a quiet route it will guide you. If you are looking for your quickest way to work or college it will show you. And for those who use the great Dublin Bikes scheme it links into those locations and shows journey routes from the stand where you pick up your bike.”

Murphy added: “Yes, we know that we need more and better cycling routes and each year we are investing significant capital sums in more off-road provision and better on-road arrangements. This planner fills a big gap with its clear display of options showing the level of traffic, the hilliness, banned right turns and, for those who are health conscious, the amount of calories burned. We hope this planner will help those who wish to cycle a little more frequently and also will encourage people to try new routes, perhaps to in their leisure time.”


  1. I just tried my home to my son’s primary school. It is 3.5km by the route we take. I chose the Easiest route type and the planner took a longer route (4.1km) and sent us along some busy roads. It did not use a park route or the canal tow path, though it did use a pedestrian bridge over the M50.

    I will pass my comments back to NTA.


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