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Irish Cycle Facility of the Week

January 6, 2014: 


With this newly built retrofit of cycle tracks (and remodeling general traffic to two-way) in the Sandyford business park, cyclists should stay within the law by first yielding to anybody using the bus stop before bunny-hopping over the bin and bus stop, and then cycling down the cycle track:

Image: Thanks to @CyclingVillage
Location: Blackthom Road, Sandyford; outside Microsoft Ireland HQ
Local authority: Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council
Street View: Previous road layout currently shown 

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  1. Looks like there is more than enough room to move the bus stop and bin closer to the road and continue the cycle lane without this ridiculous gap. Are you supposed to dismount your bike, walk the footpath and get back on your bike again when you meet the cycle lane? Just silly. Very silly.

  2. Interesting feature. I do hope that some good ones will be shown as well. Although none comes to mind at the moment which saddens me.

  3. Nothing surprises me with DLRDCoCo when it comes to road planning, especially cycling facilities. We should not forget that these guys spent something like €475,000 on one roundabout, and still got it wrong!

  4. Most of the (few) cycle lanes on pavements in Crawley have the same backwards design. I cannot understand the logic that does not consider swapping the two “lanes” (pedestrian and cycling).


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