Irish Cycle Facility of the Week

February 10, 2014:

SAM_3278 (1)

Picture this: You’re cycling southbound along the N81 dual carriageway in Tallaght (towards the camera) and then you spot the cycle lane marked on the footpath. How do you get to it? First you cut across the merging traffic coming from a slip road turn (in the right of the photo above), then you slow down while hardly away from the turn, and finally, while still in the path of traffic coming out of the slip turn, you join the cycle lane at a 90 degree angle. Simple.

South Dublin County Council knows the above turn is easy to make safety. But just in case they were wrong, they installed a second entry point just 50 meters up the road and it’s also set at 90 degree so you have the pleasure of slowing down before leaving the fast-moving dual carriageway traffic:


Images: Annette Boles
Location:  N81 at southbound at Tallaght Village
Local body/authority: South Dublin County Council
Street View: Current view shows the above

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