International Cargo Bike Festival Twitter round-up

Over the weekend the International Cargo Bike Festival was held in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, and below is our round-up of Tweets from the event.

We usually restrict our news coverage to Irish events and happenings, but in this case we might as well put our weekend Twitter navel-gazing from afar to some good use and share some of what we found.

It’s not news that DHL have been using cargo bikes for the last mile part of their network in some cities, but they are expanding the use of bicycles to transport cargo…

The company claims that their 33 cargo bikes in the Netherlands save them €400,000 per year:

Interest is growing in their use in other countries where DHL operate:

To DHL bikes are more reliable than vans:

They are serious about cargo bikes and are not just using them for PR reasons given they only take on a new bike if it’s replacing a van:

There’s a range of companies which use cargo bikes but the main types are:

It’s not just the international players like DHL, companies like these are starting to appear across Europe:

It’s not just the bikes, planning is important:

Planning could go as far as designing apartments to get bicycles into them:

Developments with bikes include…

Tilting cargo trikes:

Motorised trailers:

And solar panel-powered electric cargo bikes:

You can find more images and more from the following two tweets:

Sometime in the near future we hope to be working on a story about how cargo bikes are being used by businesses in Ireland — if you have anything to add, drop us a line at

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