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April 28, 2014:

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Dodder Greenway

That’s a wall in the way of the cycling part of the River Dodder greenway. At the top of a steep incline.

In fairness, the National Transport Authority with the local councils are developing grand plans for this route. But it’s still a wall narrowing a greenway at the top of a steep incline. Somebody at some stage viewed this a good idea or that it was ok not to remove a meter or two of the wall.

Images: and Street View
Location: Dodder River greenway and Dundrum Rd
Local body/authority: Dun LaoghaireRathdown County Council
Street View: Here

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  1. I have not been up that way before to try this Greenway out yet.I only tried the part from Ringsend up to Sandymount so I am not au fait with it. Whose wall is it anyway,it seems to be on Council Land/Public Land so I see no reason why it cannot be removed. It does not serve any purpose anymore perhaps it enclosed someones property or Farm once but it seems to be just common Land now. So why is it not removed that is the question that should be asked of the Council concerned,please remove it thank you.

  2. Being familiar with this stretch, it used to be a traveller site at one stage back in 2000-2005, which might have something to do with it (council playing silly buggers?). The wall has been there as long as I can remember, this would be going back to 2000. It’s a gorgeous stretch along the river


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