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First look at regional Coke Zero bicycles

Below are some of the first images of the Irish regional bike share bicycles, sponsored by Coca-Cola and due on the streets of Cork, Limerick and Galway later this year.

The National Transport Authority and Department of Transport have said: “Uniquely amongst bike schemes world-wide, these bikes have built-in gear-shifting technology, enabling automatic gear-changes which will contribute towards easier and safer cycling for users.”

Junior transport minister, Alan Kelly tweeted the following:

“Thrilled that the new bikes for Coke Zero Bikes Scheme arrived today in Cork.I know it will be a huge success @labour pic.twitter.com/F0Bv0s5oBP”


And the NTA posted this image to their website of one of the bikes held by Hugh Creegan, Director of Transport Investment at National Transport Authority:


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  1. Very nice Bikes but they would need to improve the infrastructure for Cyclist as a priority and stop pandering to the Motorists all the time,segregated Cycleways so that children can ride to Schools safely also contra flow and barring streets from Motor Traffic use.


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