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August 18, 2014:

IMG_7640.JPG (2)


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What if you don’t want to cross the road? I mean, the shared use on the other side of the road is also one-way for people cycling, right? So, it’s more like “dismount to cross the road if you want to turn around at this weird point and go back the way you came.”

IMG_7644.JPG (2)

No ramp back onto the road. And some people wonder why other people (wrongly) cycle on footpaths!

Location: Ballina, Co Mayo
Local body/authority: Ballina Town Council (now defunct) / Mayo County Council
Street View: Currently shows view before cycle lanes

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  1. At this point, just pop your bicycle into the boot of your car. Admittedly, you need a car and someone in the car to follow you at all times but they are small inconveniences.

  2. Get someone to drive along side me when I cycle. Why didn’t I think of that? It worked for Eamonn Ryan after all. More gunk from our road planners.

  3. Maybe all the worst instrastructure in the country is currently being copied faithfully in Ballina to make sure the RSA Research and Education unit based there don’t miss any key details when they produce their longlist of designs that ought to be consigned to the dustbin of history as soon as possible. The place is hostile to cycling in so many different ways (the one-way system, the dodgy cycle paths full of glass, designs like the above) that it almost seems as if somebody is diligently working their way through a list of what not to do.

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