registration kicks off with a €5 per city discount

coke zero bikes— Leap card to work with bike share in Cork, Limerick and Galway

Registration for the regional bike share systems in Cork, Limerick and Galway has opened at with a €5 per city discount until the end of 2014.

As of yesterday, the official site of the cities’ bike share schemes said that the “go live” dates for the cities are as follows: Galway on November 24, Limerick on December 8, and Cork on December 18.

Many people who cycle in the cities had hoped that the annual subscription would cover all three cities, but the cost will be €5 per city up to the end of the year, and €10 per city if you register after the new year. Three-day tickets are to cost €3, and the pay-per use charges for all users mirrors the pricing with DublinBikes, which is as follows:

First ½ hour No Charge
Up to 1 hour €0.50
Up to 2 hours €1.50
Up to 3 hours €3.50
Up to 4 hours €6.50
Every extra ½ hour €2.00

If you register for an annual subscription, a welcome pack should be posted to you with a subscription card, a welcome letter, and a leaflet outlining the scheme.However, according to the website, you will be able to load more than one city subscription to a single card, and the FAQ section of the website says that users will be able to load their subscriptions onto Leap cards.

It is expected that iPhone and Android applications will be available “when the scheme goes live”.

UPDATE: Frank O’Donnell, general manager, Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland said: “We are delighted to be in a position to help bring the Coca-Cola Zero Bikes Scheme to Galway, Limerick and Cork. Our investment in Coca-Cola Zero Bikes is part of our wider commitment to help encourage active healthy lifestyles and we hope this scheme will enable more people integrate cycling into their everyday lives, with the option of a healthier and happier commute.”

Officially, the new network of public bikes is named “Coca-Cola Zero Bikes”, not to be confused with “Coca-Cola Zero DublinBikes” — both schemes are partly funded by sponsorship from Coca-Cola. To advoid confusion and long-windedness, will be referring to the new public bike share schemes as the scheme or the regional bike share scheme.


  1. Good news stories for a change today Cian – Cycling Officer within the Pale, bikeshare starting outside. One spellcheck on this bikeshare story – check ‘registration’ in the heading!
    Thanks for your awesome work as always!


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