Irish Cycle Facility of the Week

December 8, 2014:

Users of this cycle lane are lucky that Mayo General Hospital is situated to the left of the image, as a motorist of a large SUV or truck might mistake the space between the narrow, dashed cycle lane and the centre line as something their car or truck can fit in.

This is however an excellent cycle lane. That is, an excellent example of a cycle lane where the county council and Government can say they have invested in X KM of cycle routes and make it sound good (and they’ve done so with just a splash of paint and no thought or effort).

Location:  Old Westport Road, Castlebar (outside Mayo General Hospital)
Local body/authority: Mayo County Council
Street View: Shows before cycle lane added

Send suggestions to And make sure to view the original and UK-focused facility of the month page on Warrington Cycle Campaign’s website.


  1. Do you notice also on any of the Cycle Lanes around the Country, there is a Chronic shortage of Paint. Only the bare minimum of Bicycle signs on any of them. Usually at the start or end there is a Bicycle Symbol only. If you are in luck you might have a long Cycle lane of several KM in your locality but there is actually only two Bike Symbols on the entire route. They need more Bike signs so that Pedestrians know they have to keep off them.


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