Full coverage of radical changes to improve Dublin’s Liffey quays

IrishCycle.com is the only place online this morning with full coverage of the Liffey Cycle Route and its development.

Coverage yesterday:


Coverage of the back story:

The Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017, adopted in December 2010 states:

“It is an objective of Dublin City Council: …To achieve the following critical linkages within the lifetime of the development plan…”

“To provide a continuous cycleway connecting the Phoenix Park and Heuston Station to the proposed S2S route along the city’s quays in consultation with the Office of Public Works”

The plan also makes cycling for all ages a goal:

“The vision for cycling is to make Dublin a city where people of all ages and abilities have the confidence, incentive and facilities to cycle so that by 2017, 25-30% of all new commutes within the city will be by bike.”

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