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March 23, 2015

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Details matter. So does continually.

But these things don’t seem to matter in cycle route projects around Ireland — starting a cycle lane on the inside rather than outside of parking is fine and ending the cycle lane on the other side of the road is ok at a random point and, even when there’s more than enough space ahead, bicycle users are told to yield. Yield to what? The parked cars? Vans parked illegally on hatching road markings?

end of cycle lane

Image: Andrew Warren
Location: Bamba Square, Nenagh
Local body/authority: Tipperary County Council
Street View: Currently shows before cycle lanes installed

Send suggestions to And make sure to view the original and UK-focused facility of the month page on Warrington Cycle Campaign’s website.


  1. This ‘facility’ illustrates perfectly the lack of coherence in planning for better and safer cycling in urban areas. There is no point in painting lines on roads to facilitate safer and more comfortable cycling if the Garda is not prepared to ticket motorised drivers who fly-park almost as of right in cycling infrastructure.
    Fly-parking in cycling facilities has to be taken seriously so lets drop the misplaced discretionary policing on this issue. Failure to act does cycling no favours.


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