Bicycle-friendly ideas for development plans: Guarded bicycle parking at large events

Bicycle-friendly ideas for development plans is a new mini-series of articles covering measures which can be used in city and town developments plans. The mini-series is aimed at residents, commuters, councillors, planner and engineers who have input into developments plans, which are in the process of being renewed in areas around the country.

Our second idea is having a requirement for secured, monitored bicycle parking at large events. As the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition explains, this is the law in the city of San Francisco:

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“Monitored bicycle parking is required for events requiring a street closure and with an anticipated number of participants greater than 2,000 (SF Administrative Code, Section 2.76). While we’re not the only bike parking solution, we pride ourselves on being the best one.”

We suggest that guarded bicycle parking should be a requirement for large events in cities around the country. Sporting events in Croke Park and Lansdowne Road but also the likes of large GAA matches in cities around the country or at the Galway Races which causes traffic disruption and sometimes nothing short of gridlock havoc. We would see this as including large concerts in venues such as the 3 Arena, the Phoenix Park or Croke Park, and for festivals or other large events which result in road closures, including Live at the Marquee in Cork.

If organisers and city planners want less problems with traffic congestion around these events they must provide alternatives. Bicycle theft is often a problem that plays on people’s minds, but finding even a lamp post to use as bicycle parking can be just as much of a problem at large events. For example, bicycle parking is banned around Lansdowne Road at match days for crowd safety reasons, and Gardai will remove such bikes — planning for bicycle parking in a designated area can counteract those issues.

Below are two videos, the first showing the concept in action at San Francisco Giants football games and the second shows how their valet bicycle parking service is used at a wide range of events at different locations, most often with temporary bicycle parking:

S.F. Giants: Valet Bike Parking 81 Games Per Year from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.


  1. There is a chronic lack of Bicycle parking everywhere. Could do with secure Bicycle Parking for guests in Hotels and B+Bs also outside Restaurants and Cafés Theatre and Concert Halls.

    Also not forgetting schools ,not a lot of schools have Bicycle parking.They should have proper parking stands like Sheffield stands and not those things set in the ground that Vandals can damage your wheels off.

    All this should be mandatory everywhere if we are to get a 10% modal share of Cycling in the Country together with properly designed segregated Cycleways from City to City and coast to coast.


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