Irish Cycle Facility of the Week

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Cycle lanes designed for ducks…

drain 2

Images: Denis O’Regan
Location: Mahon Link Road, Co  Cork
Local body/authority: Cork County Council
Street View: Currently shown without rainwater

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  1. It is a good example of how degradation of cycle lanes/tracks happens due to maintenance failure by a road authority, whether due to negligence or lack of funds. You can see that (1) the red-treatment has worn away (2) white line marking is also degraded by vehicle intrusion into the lane.
    By neglecting upkeep cyclists conclude that cyclists just don’t count despite what the authorities say about trying to encourage more commuters to leave the car behind.Cyclists need a superlative track pavement surface due to our vulnerability in traffic.

  2. I can testify that using these cycle lanes on either site of the Mahon Link Road is deeply distasteful (due to the fragmenting, rutted, gravel-strewn surface), so I don’t.
    I use the very reasonable road surface adjacent to it in preference.


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