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On the N4 shared walking and cycling facilities between Lucan and Palmerstown, Paul Corcoran writes: “Very little in the way of facilities for cyclists. On some sections there is only a metre of path and it’s the only way someone can get to Lucan from town unless they take the Grand Canal Route (around 4km south from here) or the back roads behind Liffey Valley (also not the most cycling-friendly route).”

Remember: This width is shared with people walking and people on bicycles (sometimes going in both directions).



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Images: Paul Corcoran
Location: N4, County Dublin
Local body/authority: South Dublin County Council
Street View: Currently as shown

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  1. I have not been on that route in years, I have used the Strawberry Beds/lower road also the Grand Canal to Adamstown. That N4 is just intimidating.


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