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Irish Cycle Facility of the Week

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The Ennistymon to Lahinch is a 3km shared walking and cycling path, which cost €400,000 or €133,333.33 per km.

At launch, County Clare, Councillor Pat Daly, said: “This cycle path has huge potential to further increase the numbers of leisure tourists visiting County Clare in recent years. The cycleway also serves as an important piece of recreational infrastructure for the people of the local community. For example, the track will serve as a conveyor for many different types of user including pedestrians, commuter cyclists, leisure cyclists and tourist cyclists. Furthermore, schoolchildren will be able to avail of this new infrastructure which by virtue of the segregation will make the journey safer.”

The route is well-intentioned, but its claimed benefits seem a bit overblown for a mostly rural route which does not even fully link the urban areas at both ends:


Images: Cosain
Location: Ennistymon to Lahinch Cyclepath, N67
Local body/authority: Clare County Council
Street View: Currently shows before cycle route added

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