Popular Dublin cycle route widened, bicycle counter replaced

— Grove Road bicycle counter also replaced

Dublin City Council have removed car parking to relieve a pinch point on the Grand Canal cycle path. The work was quietly undertaken last weekend and is in the process of being completed.

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The on-street parking bays beside the Barge Pub on Charlemont Mall, a one-way local access road running between the canal bridges at Ranelagh Road and Rathmines Road Lower, have been replaced with double yellow lines, allowing the popular kerb separated two-way cycle track to be widened by roughly a metre.

As these images show, the street markings on the road and cycle track are not yet complete, but most of the parking markings have already been removed:

unnamed unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

This is how the pinch point looked before the parking was removed:

pinch point

A major pinch point remains in place further along the route near the Leeson street bridge.

Meanwhile the Grove Road cycle counter was replaced in works also undertaken last week. The counter is of a new design and shows the time, date, temperature, daily counts of cyclists in each direction and the total for the year to date. (Note: All the figures displayed weren’t captured in the photos due to aliasing.)

The figures displayed on the counter are for one week of operation and counts from the previous installation, which suffered a lot of downtime, don’t appear to have been recorded while the display wasn’t functional.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

This is what the old counter looked like:



  1. Bit of a surprise to see that parking go. Pleasant surprise. That bit of the cycleway at the Barge did feel too narrow.

  2. You do know what car users see here, I hope: a very nice parking strip wide enough for a car without obstructing “traffic”.

  3. Great to see this improvement. The work was done over three days, so thanks to the contractors for working so efficiently.


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