TDs drafting bicycle passing distance law which would make 1.5 metre mandatory

An Irish campaign to introduce a law that requires motorists to give cyclists 1.5 metres clearance when passing from the rear is on the verge of a major breakthrough, with TDs drafting a suggested new law.

1.5 metres is already a legal minimum passing distance in a number of countries and states around the world, while the Road Safety Authority currently recommends it in Ireland. Often the distance is reduced to 1.0 metres in urban areas, while 1.5 metres applies at 60km/h or above.

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“We’re getting there… a bill for a minimum passing distance law is currently being worked on in Dail Eireann,” Phil Skelton, the founder of the On the Stayin’ Alive at 1.5 campaign wrote on Facebook last night.

He said: “The early workings of this are being done by TD Ciarán Cannon ably assisted by TD Regina Doherty. Ciaran is a passionate bicycle rider and is off to do the Etape de tour in a few days time. (We wish you well Ciaran!). Regina and her family are active cyclists and realise the potential benefits of this law.”

Skelton added: “WE NEED YOUR HELP THOUGH…In order to keep the pressure on we need as many signatories as possible to our petition. Please like, share, comment with names of others who might be interested.


  1. Ciaran Cannon is an impressive politician, he is constantly involved or even driving important projects like actively engaged in finding solutions during the most recent floods and working on projects to increase children’s interest in maths. In spite of his FG allegiance, I have a lot of respect for him.


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