DublinBikes subscriptions to jump onto Leap cards from today

From today subscribers to the DublinBikes bicycle share system will finally be able use the Leap public transport smartcard to rent bicycles at DublinBikes stations.

A DublinBikes subscription can now be loaded onto a Leap card in much the same way that monthly and weekly public transport tickets are loaded onto Leap. But DublinBikes’ sister bicycle rental system, Vélib’ in Paris, has had the same function since before the Leap card was launch in 2011.

The announcement was made within the last half hour by Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority.

Dublin City Council said: “From Tuesday, 20th September, 2016 Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes members can avail of the service via their Leap Card. The initiative will allow members to store their registration details on their Leap Card and access bike rental at stations with this one card rather than carrying two.”
“While this initiative won’t allow people to pay for their Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes trips from their LEAP Card account, it will allow them to hold their registration details for both schemes on the one card, cutting back on the requirement to carry an additional card in their wallets or purses. The customer account for Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes will continue to be the source for payment for annual memberships and 3-day ticketing and for each bike trip taken which incurs a cost,” the council added in a statement.

Existing subscribers can switchover to using a Leap cards by logging onto dublinbikes.ie, while new subscribers will have the choice while signing up. 

DublinBikes subscriptions will still be paid via credit or debit cards on DublinBikes.ie or via the direct debit option. DublinBikes will not have access to the Leap e-purse.

Users will only be able to link their account with one card at a time, so by linking with a Leap card, your DublinBikes card will become invalid for use.

Over 17,200 trips in one day

The city council also outlined how there are now 64,098 long-term subscribers and over 16 million trips taken since launch in late 2009. This year so-far there’s been just under 2.9 million trips taken and 12,861 short-term tickets sold.

Over 17,200 trips were taken in the busiest day so-far, which was March 31, 2016.

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